BAL SABHA session, 25/02/2018 Karol Bagh office, New Delhi

Albert Einstein said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Truly, imagination is the first step towards innovation, which when teamed up with creativity produces exemplary masterpieces. As we know, for reaching the top of the ladder you have to start by firmly planting your feet on the first step, before you can consider your way up to the sky. Here at UPAY, keeping this in mind we hold for our kids a monthly session, called “BAL SABHA”- A platform that helps each child to bring out the best in her/him.


We believe that education is a pretty broad concept that surpasses the confines of a classroom. Its core aim is to foster all-round development of a child, and for all round development, participation in co-curricular activities is a necessity. BAL SABHA aims at developing the innovative and creative skills of children along with providing to them, a day full of fun, enjoyment and excitement. BAL SABHA holds various activities organized and handled by the kids themselves and for themselves. It is a session where the students not only get the opportunity to showcase their inherent talents and build self-confidence but also allows them to learn from their fellow classmates and opens for them doors to explore their interests and potential.


Apart from being an exciting learning process, it fills the children with an enthusiasm which shines brightly on their gleeful glowing faces and broad toothy smiles. In this era of advancing technology when children are more prone to addiction to smartphones and their developing lack of interest in actual playful activities, BAL SABHA sessions make sure that the kids get their childhood going the right way.

Picture2Bal  sabha started with yoga session by Abhishek(DU)

Picture3Abhishek(DU) doing yoga asana with our cutest student Usha

A Chinese proverb aptly states “Teach me and I will forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I will never forget.” Keeping it in mind like always we came up with another method to make the kids learn, be creative and enjoy at the same time. So this time on February 25th at the Karol Bagh office of UPAY, along with the students we decided to hold a “Best out of Waste” activity. In the activity, as the name suggests, the students were to make items of décor out of waste materials or insignificant articles which were out of use.

The response of the kids was overwhelming and the magnitude of ideas thrown at us, praiseworthy. After being sorted into groups, each group being headed by an UPAY member, the kids began to sort out their ideas, for they were not ready to settle for anything but the best. After ample evaluation, discussions and powerful brainstorming, our genius lads were ready to name their article of outstanding artistry. The stuff required for the activity was arranged and brought by the UPAY team before the event begun.

Prem’s team consisting of the youngest but most enthusiastic of the lot portrayed their exemplary coloring skills. The characters playing colors in their art works truly came to life and were in sync with the festive mood of Holi. Abhishek’s (NIT) team came up with another great idea of creating Lord Ganesha out of paper plates. Reminiscing of how Abhishek thought about paper plates and Lord Ganesha, he tells us “Few weeks ago I was strolling around in a rural street in Bengaluru, I stumbled across some kids running around with beautiful things crafted out of paper plates, in hand. Paper Plate Craft Work for UPAY Karol Bagh children, would be the next activity, I swore to myself.”

After the event he also told us, “When I unfolded the mystery and flanked paper plates in front of the kids, they were confused momentarily, and began anticipating all the possibilities. But uncertainty gave way to excitement as they saw paper plates taking the shape of a Ganapati and everyone was willing to make one on their own. Colors were pouring down, brushes moved to and fro. I can still recall the ecstatic faces I saw, when Anju and Nisha were successfully able to finish their crafts, and this makes me equally satisfied and happy.”

Picture4Team Prem : showing their colouring skills. They are also the tiny tots of our class.

Picture5Team Abhishek(NIT) made Ganpati ji from plastic plates

Sharad’s team created beautifully adorned flowers from straws. Arun’s team went a step further creating two masterpieces, a pen stand and a cute little straw umbrella. The beautiful craft work was a sight to behold. Shruti and her team made a wall hanging and a first aid box. Hence, learning the importance of First Aid in every house. Shruti quoted “When we told them about craft, Jyoti and Komal came up with the idea of making a wall hanging within minutes…I was astonished that they came up with it instantaneously, they then listed down the waste material required for the product, how creative!!”

Picture7Team Sharad made flowers from straws

Not only this Reshma a kid, with the help of our volunteer Priyanka, designed the logo of UPAY using ice-cream sticks, straws and colours, Kiran designed a garden portraying paper work. Abhishek and Priyanka after assisting the kids were found recalling their homework filled school days.

Picture6Team Abhishek(DU) & Priyanka made craft items using ice cream sticks and straws

Prem says, that through UPAY he gets an unparalleled opportunity to help unprivileged children with learning and spending time with them, which he always admires. “Generally”, he quotes, “the Karol Bagh Center is full of these ‘little bundles of joy’ preparing to be ‘aspiring adult teenagers’, divided in convenient groups with volunteers like me assigned to teach them and discover their unique inner potential, but 25th of February was different. It was exciting and fulfilling for all, be it kids or us volunteers.”

Prem says “Usha, the little devil and poster child of our center, seemed very excited to see colors, fore looking an opportunity to use them, she jumped to get hold of crayons and color into the sheets. Experimenting with shades and often ‘helping’ and ‘suggesting to’ her fellow teammates with their work, she showed the volunteers her incompetent dedication to drawing. Personally I was quite overcome by her commitment. Whether it’s daily classes, weekly tests or monthly BAL SABHA sessions she’s the most cheerful kid around.”

Vikram, often considered a slow learner and a timid child, our DARK HORSE was quite “inspired” by “little devil”. Relatively quicker than other days, he filled a couple of sheets with adorable shades. The best part came after he was done coloring. Contrary to rote learning, he seems to have an aptitude for pictorial representation. He was quicker than other children when exposed to pictorial charts of alphabets, domestic and pet animals, means of transport etc. This kid has shown some potential with the holistic model of learning.”

“Kajal was found completely absorbed in her work, enjoying the colors and asking for the least assistance and attention.”, told her team head, Prem.


Picture9Team Arun made pen stand and an umbrella from ice cream sticks and straws

Picture10Team Shruti: Komal & Jyoti made wall hanging , Kavita & Aarti made a first aid box

Awards Categories:

  1. Most regular
  2. Helpful
  3. Disciplined
  4. Clean and Hygienic
  5. Performers in monthly tests


The children showed prodigious interest in their craft work and their excitement filled us with energy. It was hardly noticeable where the time flew by and when did the clock strike 5:00 in the evening. The activities ended and satisfied and happy as we were we decided to call it a day.


Seeing the success of this event, we are exhilarated to hold a new BAL SABHA session and we look forward to seeing our kids perform magical things again.

– By Archita Gupta


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