In India, poverty is high and governmental support is severely limited, so children often serve as a source of family income. Hence, in spite of a standing constitutional fundamental right that prohibits child labour, there has been a disturbing rise in the number of working street children or begging over the years. Global challenges like povery, rapid urbanization, over-crowded cities, and the uneven distribution of wealth, privatization, and the effects of globalization have resulted in an emerging migration of population, and in turn to growing numbers of people elegated to street life. Every day millions of children live — and many die — in the streets of the world’s cities.

UPAY is one of the NGOs in India which is driven by a group of passionate individuals having a collective ideology that if a child cannot go to the school, let the school reach to the child! Through a volunteer-based offering, our mission is to join hands with the already literate and affluent human capital of India to eradicate illiteracy from the rest of the country and break the seemingly unbreakable deadlock.

Through this blog, we present you some of the greatest stories that we encounter in our projects. Happy reading!

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