Baal Sabha Diary – Karol Bagh Center

Picture1.pngThe Karol Bagh branch of UPAY family tree is now two-month old and has gradually shown glimpses of bright future to come. The core strength of the students is 50 while during certain days as many as 70 students attend the class. Six-day per week class has been fruitful as depicted by the performance of the students in the 11th November test. Both curricular and extra curricular  learning are important for overall development of a child.  To nurture the special talent and build personality, a Bal Sabha was organized at the Karol Bagh Center on 20th November,.

During Bal Sabha students gave several performances such as singing, dancing, storytelling etc which provided a platform for them to showcase their skills. This also gave them opportunity to express themselves freely. The performances was followed by a quiz session & parents – teacher interaction.  Finally, special performances were recognized and Bal Sabha concluded by prize distribution.  Entire event was full of such a dynamism, zeal and excitement that it’s difficult to present the full picture through words. Still let me try my best by presenting some special moments during the event below.


First and foremost, Sunil, an 8-year-old kid, anchored the event. Consider the importance of this in communication skills development and confidence building of the kid. Then 4-year-Old Usha, gave her dance performance. Her exemplary dancing skill could lead her to reach programs like ‘Dance India Dance’ if given required training. There are many Students like Jyoti, Komal, Beeram who can be further trained. This sets another goal for UPAY to develop relations with organization which can help in nourishment of such skills or to attract volunteers from diverse fields to help kids in such activities. Storytelling by Vaibhav was impressive as well. Teaching morals through stories is well-tested technique and should be adopted by all the volunteers as ethical education is an innate part of goal of UPAY.

During our quiz session parents were able to see their kids learning under the initiative of Reach and Teach. Also in knockout rounds the participants were asked to frame questions for their competitors to develop synthesizing skills which generally are forgotten in our education system. The recitation of Motu Seth Sadak Par let by Roopa needs a special mention due to the zeal which she showed and the applause by the audience. She recited the full poem even when she doesn’t go to school. The volunteers were feeling nostalgic after listening the poem.


Finally, top performers of 11th November test and of Bal Sabha were awarded by exam boards to motivate them to work harder. The event was made special by the presence of Pradhan who had been very helpful in securing the temple for UPAY. His blessings would definitely inspire kids to do wonderful things in future.


Events like Bal Sabha help in recognizing special talent which can be further nourished. It also makes children open to the teachers which inculcates in them a zeal for better learning. It also helps teachers in the regular monitoring of the progress of the students. The event can rightly be described as a successful one. Things are falling in place at our Karol Bagh Center. There awaits a bright future for kids as well as UPAY family. Thanks to Akanksha Swarnim, the Zonal Director (Delhi NCR) for marking her presence. Thanks to Mithila Malhotra and Team for successful organization of the event.

Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression. Let’s together make concerted efforts to give them a beautiful future. 

– By Ankit Anand

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