Online Education: Boon or Bane

Considering the kind of situation we are facing globally, education plays a vital role as it forms the very base of any nation. It is credible for the financial, civil, and political expansion and development of society in general. Anybody can attain the success they want if they have the power of pedagogy and relevantContinue reading “Online Education: Boon or Bane”

An act of Kindness can transform someone’s life

Written by: Riya Singh Standing with people is sometimes more important than standing up for them. Sometimes, our actions contradict our intentions because we get torn between what is right and what can be the solution for a particular situation. UPAY volunteers faced a similar dilemma when they came to the rescue of Payal.  Payal is an ordinary-looking 10-year-oldContinue reading “An act of Kindness can transform someone’s life”

Understanding the nuances of National Education Policy 2020

Written by: Sayani Kundu As soon as the National Education Policy amendment has been announced, it became the talk of the town. The government had initiated for an “inclusive, participatory and holistic approach, which takes into consideration expert opinions, field experiences, inquiry, stakeholder feedback, further as lessons learned from best practices”. The policy claims to supply promisingContinue reading “Understanding the nuances of National Education Policy 2020”

Interactive teaching for Virtual Classrooms!

By Sayani Kundu The adverse effects of the pandemic have been visible in all walks of life, including education. Schools across the world closed in the wake of the pandemic, resulting in new challenges for academicians. The teachers and students who were accustomed to the offline modes had to adjust to the totally unknown andContinue reading “Interactive teaching for Virtual Classrooms!”

Volunteering Story: Anju’s journey to transform lives!

Written by: Aparna Mudgal There was a time when there were not many trained teachers at UPAY. The organization was run mainly by the volunteers who taught out of passion. That was when Mrs. Anju Pandey came in as light and canceled out the darkness. Born and brought up in Bihar, she tasted life inContinue reading “Volunteering Story: Anju’s journey to transform lives!”