Do you want to learn something extraordinary, beyond the classroom lectures?

Then this is your chance to enhance your leadership skills and put something special on your resume to be proud of. Here at UPAY, we have come up with a short-term 3-week course created for Leaders of Tomorrow, which will cover areas like Finance Management, Operations Management, Outbound Training, Dramatics and so much more. UnlikeContinue reading “Do you want to learn something extraordinary, beyond the classroom lectures?”

Doing our bit for society: Individual Social Responsibility

Written by: Sayani Kundi (Intern, UPAY) Individual social responsibility is an ethical framework that encapsulates the very essence of humanity — to be humane. It’s not just the ‘art of giving’ but also the ‘science of being’ in an exceedingly dependent relationship with our immediate surroundings, communities, society and the world at large. It’s aboutContinue reading “Doing our bit for society: Individual Social Responsibility”

Online Education: Boon or Bane

Considering the kind of situation we are facing globally, education plays a vital role as it forms the very base of any nation. It is credible for the financial, civil, and political expansion and development of society in general. Anybody can attain the success they want if they have the power of pedagogy and relevantContinue reading “Online Education: Boon or Bane”

An act of Kindness can transform someone’s life

Written by: Riya Singh, (Intern UPAY) Standing with people is sometimes more important than standing up for them. Sometimes, our actions contradict our intentions because we get torn between what is right and what can be the solution for a particular situation. UPAY volunteers faced a similar dilemma when they came to the rescue of Payal.  Payal is anContinue reading “An act of Kindness can transform someone’s life”