Non-Governmental COVID-relief support in India: Every citizen for each other

The severity of the situation today is beyond what anyone of us could have imagined. One would have never imagined staying indoors for months like this or be witness to the suffering of our community. The second wave of pandemic has overwhelmed the medical system of India.

As a result, many people in dire need of medical service resources and other essentials are left helpless and stranded. The worst-hit are those living in the remote regions of the country and the underprivileged section of society. The lives of around 42 Million individuals living on daily wages have been brutally worsened in all aspects due to the ongoing medical crisis. 

People all over the country have come together to provide support to the community by distributing essential resources like food, medical equipment and hygiene kits. The list below is an attempt to shine a light on these efforts by individuals across the country. 


Mission Oxygen

Mission Oxygen is an overnight initiative by a group of concerned entrepreneurs across Delhi/NCR. Through the application of their competencies in crowdfunding, logistics, distribution/demand and PR this group of community-concerned individuals has raised nearly 39 Crore Rupees and used it to distribute 1000 oxygen concentrators with 5,000 more to be procured and delivered soon. 

They have a reach across India with a major focus in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana catering to Private, Government and Non-Government Institutions. 


Mazdoor kitchen

The pandemic once again had created a massive health and economic crisis. This especially impacted the migrant workers in the informal sector of the city. A group of volunteers decided to set up a network to provide the dry ration kits to migrant workers and their families in the affected areas. 

This was the flagship kitchen that began out of a garage in St. Stephens College is now situated at Jawahar Nagar Community Center. The kitchen has run continuously for 94 days, providing for migrant workers, homeless people, and daily wage earners in many areas. The volunteers are professors, students, artists, and many more individuals from the community itself. They provide daily updates about their work through their Instagram page.


Breathe India

BreatheIndia Campaign is a volunteer group of family and friends. This group was moved by the COVID crisis in India and are doing their best to provide life-saving Oxygen Concentrators to distressed individuals along with other necessary medical supplies. 

As of May 13, 2021, the organization has been able to acquire 390 Oxygen Concentrators. 

The concentrators were to be distributed to Delhi hospitals and COVID Care Centers based on the need in close coordination with the Delhi government. Along with that, they are delivering concentrators to the doorstep of the patients who have not been able to procure a hospital bed.


SaveLife Foundation

SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) is an independent, non-profit non-governmental organization committed to improving road safety and emergency medical care across India. They take a multi-faceted approach to meeting their goal by combining on-ground initiatives by advocating for policy changes on the national level.  

The organisation’s already existing initiatives allowed it to directly meet the current need of procuring life-saving equipment. SLF’s efforts have helped strengthen the Government’s ambulance response mechanisms, testing strategy, procurement processes, and disease containment strategy. 


Uday foundation

The main objective of the Uday Foundation is to provide support services to the underprivileged families of individuals undergoing medical treatment for congenital defects, critical disorders, syndromes, and diseases that affect their health, education, and growth.

Delhi is the hub for the medical treatment of patients from remote parts of the country. They come to the capital to access treatments they cannot access in their own towns. However, their challenges don’t end there. Despite being in the capital, people struggle to afford expensive medicines and supplementary treatments. They end up sacrificing their basic need of food, clothes and shelter for the treatment of a loved one. Uday Foundation provides families with support to meet these needs. 

In Lieu of the pandemic, the organisation has launched the campaign #SaveOurVillages. They aim is to distribute wellness kits, equipped with over the top medicines, a tetra pack of healthy drinks and other basic necessities for families living in remote areas of India.



Hemkunt Foundation

Hemkunt Foundation works on the principle of “Sarbat da Bhala” meaning welfare for all. It provides humanitarian aid to marginalized sections of society. It works to provide education for all, improve the livelihood of individuals and disaster relief.

In efforts to provide relief from the ill effects of the current pandemic, Hemkunt Foundation is working on the ground to provide oxygen cylinders to patients. They have even set up an oxygen centre that assists up to 500 patients in Gurugram, Haryana.

Website :

Dream Girl Foundation (Gurugram/Maharashtra)

The Dream Girl Foundation has the mission to provide “underprivileged children with education, ailing people who can’t afford treatment with health care, and downhearted people with smiles”. They make this possible with the help of several individual sponsors and corporates who believe in their ideology and purpose.

DGF has expressed their solidarity with those less fortunate than ourselves and have helped cater to their food and nutrition requirements during this pandemic. The foundation has managed to convert its non-Formal Education centres into Ration Distribution Centres and has successfully provided families easy access to their ration kits from the ration distribution centres.


UPAY (Gurugram/Maharashtra/Bangalore)

UPAY is another not-for-profit organisation working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India. Their prominent program is FootpathShala that brings education directly to those living on the streets.

Sensing the increased vulnerability of their community to the ill effects of the pandemic, since the first UPAY has led the way in taking care of the essential needs of those often left behind by society. In the current wave of the pandemic, UPAY has set up a COVID task force that ensures the distribution of essential grocery, medical resources and medical services to anyone who does not have access to the same. They have also opened an Oxygen Support Centre in Noida and an Oxygen Van in Mouda and Delhi-NCR. This is just one of the few initiatives that UPAY has taken. Read more about their COVID relief work here.


Top 10 COVID Relief initiatives by UPAY


Enrich lives foundation

Enrich Lives Foundation was registered as a not-for-profit organisation during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. It is run by a group of individuals who have previously been involved in other social causes like the Annapurna Movement.

The Enrich Lives Foundation provides COVID relief to Migrant labourers, daily wage workers and the hungry in the slums of Mumbai. 

They provide ration kits that will last for 10 days at least along with cooked meals to fight the hunger crisis. The Taukatae cyclone that Mumbai is battling with right now has also left many slum dwellers homeless and stranded. The foundation aims to distribute 1000 tarpaulin to those affected by the same.

Website :

Khana Chahiye

Khana Chahiye is a team of more than 200 volunteers combining on-ground volunteering with technology to identify the hunger needs of the vulnerable community across Mumbai. They have catered to the needs of 600,000 Migrant Workers by distributing more than 4 million meals and 20,000 grocery kits and essentials.  It works in partnership with citizen collectives like Litmus Test Project, Project Mumbai and Bharat Uthan Sangh.

Website :

Swasth Foundation

Swasth Foundation was established in 2009. It aims to build “a sustainable and accountable health eco-system” that serves the poor and the rich alike. 

They achieve their goal by creating a network of wellness centres focused on enhancing the state of holistic well-being of people through interventions like courses, classes, workshops, and 1-1 interactions designed based on the integration of various modalities of well-being like Yoga, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Counselling and Coaching.

During the past two months, the organization has put its resources to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 25,000 individuals have benefited from its work. 

They have provided essential resources like food, medical care, and health information. The organisation has also supplied PPE for healthcare providers working in 20 organizations.


Help now

HelpNow was established by 3 IITians in 2017. Together they have created the largest network of private ambulances in Mumbai. They have tie-ups with the Mumbai Police and many Government and Private hospitals. They also have services like Air Ambulance, Inter-city Ambulance, Train Ambulance among many Others. This organisation started after one of its founders personally experienced the broken ambulance system in Mumbai. 

Over the last year, HelpNow has been active in providing COVID relief by using its resources for the cause. 



Sakina foundation: Location Telangana

Asif Hussain Sohail founded the Sakina foundation in memory of his late father and daughter in 2010. It provided meals and ration essentials to 10,000 people daily for three months continuously in the Jubilee Hills area. Organised kitchens were set up in different areas of the city to provide lunch.

The organisation also strives to achieve universal brotherhood, regional equality, equal opportunity for all sections of the society, humane treatment of the downtrodden, and borderless exchange of best practices among similar organizations. Our major areas of concern that have been identified keeping in view their immediate need, intensity, reach, and constructive outcome are education, woman empowerment, child labor, child rights, human trafficking, pneumonia, breast cancer, and female foeticide.

In their efforts to provide COVID- relief, the founder invested 10 lakh rupees personally to ensure the supply of oxygen. Their campaign Oxygen on Wheels provides oxygen to the doorsteps of individuals and wherever on the roadways oxygen is needed in case of emergency. They have distributed 200 plus free cylinders benefiting around 150 individuals.  


KVN foundation: Location Bangalore/Chennai/Noida

KVN foundation in a FeedMycity initiative. With the second wave, India is in a crisis- Hospitals are overwhelmed, the healthcare system exhausted, supplies of essentials like medicines and oxygen are facing an acute shortage. 

With the support of 400 Volunteers, over 50,000 donors including 60 organizations, they were able to serve 58 lakh meals for stranded Migrant workers. Keeping in mind the current need of the hour the foundation aims to ensure free oxygen supply to those in need until they can access the hospital beds, doctors or sometimes until they recover completely. 





Co-WeCare is a group of TISS psychology Alumni providing free and brief counselling sessions to work through thoughts, feelings and experiences related to the COVID pandemic. 

Their services are provided via chat (Google hangouts), Google meets/Zoom calls and Emails.

Their services are available on a pre-booking basis to ensure quality connection with each individual reaching out to them.  For more information on the specification of their services visit this page –

To book an appointment visit this page –


Top 10 COVID Relief initiatives by UPAY

The COVID-19 oubreak and UPAY’S quest to fight the ordeal

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