Skill development initiative reaches another milestone

Meeting the vibrant Asma, Sahera banu and many others like them was a delight for us. The dedication to bring laurels to their own name goes unparalleled. Belonging to a community which does not encourage them to come forward, they have taken a step to bridge the gap and took the decision to be aContinue reading “Skill development initiative reaches another milestone”


Penned by Ankita Deshkar She was searching for something, courage may be! She was scared but again, she was not going to give up. She was Aarti. Aarti today has started her own lemonade centre. Yes, she would earn now! For many this incident would be, ‘Uh oh! One more thela’. But for others, thisContinue reading “AARTI, THE ONE WHO RUNS LEMONADE STALL!”