An enthusiastic giver!- Sravya Majeti

Most of us are so busy making our lives perfect that we miss out on thinking about those who do not even have the basic amenities in life, leave aside the quality living standards. In the slums of our fancy cities reside a large chunk of such a population, who are devoid of the essentials.Continue reading “An enthusiastic giver!- Sravya Majeti”

Our Voice, Our Equal Future

Written by: Ananya Shetty, Intern UPAY The last decade has seen many young girls rise to the occasion to lead the conversation and campaign on important social issues. This year on the International Day of Girl Child, we celebrate the talent and dedication of these young girls. At UPAY, we are proud to say thatContinue reading “Our Voice, Our Equal Future”

Sarthak Mittal | Doing small things with great love!

Sarthak Mittal, a 25-year-old software developer, has successfully worked at companies like TCS and Amdocs. He aspires to be an MBA graduate and has always wanted to give it back to society. On a pleasant day in January 2019, he stumbled upon a Quora answer mentioning UPAY. Knowing about the organization knocked his dormant desireContinue reading “Sarthak Mittal | Doing small things with great love!”

Doing small things with great love!

A specialist in Marketing and Finance, Smeeta Basak was always pointed in the direction of social work. She has worked in a lot of companies successfully, like ICICI Bank, Indus Towers Limited, and EY as a data analytics manager. And currently, she is working in TransUnion CIBIL as a head data scientist. Despite having such a successfulContinue reading “Doing small things with great love!”