Every child must believe in himself!

‘While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about’— Angela Schwindt. Vinay Nishad, of Class 4, is a living example of the quote above. Coming from a very humble background from the slums of Wardhaman Nagar in Nagpur, he studies in our Reach & Teach center.Continue reading “Every child must believe in himself!”


Penned by Ankita Deshkar She was searching for something, courage may be! She was scared but again, she was not going to give up. She was Aarti. Aarti today has started her own lemonade centre. Yes, she would earn now! For many this incident would be, ‘Uh oh! One more thela’. But for others, thisContinue reading “AARTI, THE ONE WHO RUNS LEMONADE STALL!”

My learning at Upay so far – by Siddharth Shah

This is what our volunteer Siddharth Shah has to say about his learning in the first few months at Upay! What has been your experience in trying to bring about change? We can all learn from one another in this journey! #bethechange #upayngo My learning at Upay so far – by Siddharth Shah 1. Being regular is key a.Continue reading “My learning at Upay so far – by Siddharth Shah”