Perpetual impact of Art on Human psyche           

Written by: Aritrika Das(Intern, UPAY)

Art- the entwined twins of imagination and creative execution!  

Art is a diverse range of products of human activity involving creative imagination to express technological proficiency, beauty and emotional power or conceptual ideas. Pablo Picasso ~ the renowned Spanish painter and sculptor once quoted, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Thus art can be envisioned in as many ways as an artist can.

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UPAY : A Ray of Hope and Crisis

For 33-year-old Varsha Solekar, it’s a miracle.

Varsha’s blood glucose level shot up suddenly one day. It could have been extremely fatal had she not turned up at the medical camp run by UPAY in the Rahadi village in Maharashtra. 

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Happy Teacher’s Day

UPAY NGO Teacher's Day

This image resembles a classroom for many students and teachers for more than a year now. We have welcomed our teachers in our home, yet they have never been so further apart. 

This distance has produced many challenges for them. Some of them are exploring video-conferencing platforms, combating weak or non-existent internet connectivity, troubleshooting technical difficulties, and dealing with power-cutting. However, acclimatizing to the online world is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Volunteers ~ transforming India

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Every individual, no matter what the field, job or activity, strives for excellence. What makes UPAY stand out, are their esteemed and passionate volunteers. The zest, enthusiasm and energy that they bring has helped UPAY touch and improve the lives of many.

To acknowledge these efforts, the organization has organized an award system; wherein efforts of these wonderful individuals are recognized and subsequently rewarded.

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“Look around you. And try to help in the best possible way you can.”

From a very young age, Mrs Kiran Kalantri shared a love and passion for teaching. She often enjoyed giving guidance, advice and counsel, as well as teaching her siblings. It was this inherent trait that directed her quest to become a teacher.

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