Leading towards Light

Diwali is often known as the festival of lights. One sees the colourful, bright plethora of lights and lamps all over the city. This is an exciting happening for all of us. However, for children who live on the streets, the blinding car lights, glaring street lights aren’t new. Do these lights- bright and dim, sparkling and transient, make a difference to those whose living situations have sentenced them to the streets?

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Zooming into distance learning

Written by : Amit (Volunteer, UPAY)

COVID 19 was an unprecedented time that hit not only people but also every institution and organization equally. During this period, everyone went through their thick and thins of life. It was a bumpy journey for most of us, and the same was the case with UPAY. However, while facing all the adversities, UPAY and its team didn’t accept the beat and explored alternative ways to uplift the morale of its students by engaging them in online classes.

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Whispers of Wisdom       

Written by: Bhavika Arora (Intern, UPAY)

In today’s fast-paced world where everything tends to lose its meaning, our families are what binds us all together. Family is a sacred institution that needs stability, generosity and most importantly, wisdom to grow and foster relationships in a beautiful way. It is love that binds everyone together. An Indian family is a classic paradigm of affection and culture.

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International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

In recent years, India has ranked among the top three countries globally that bore the maximum brunt of natural disasters. Nearly 80,000 people lost their lives, and more than 173 crores were affected due to natural disasters between the years 2000-2019. Man-made disasters, too, are pretty deadly. 

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