Volunteer speaks – First Day at UPAY

I was very excited when I got the opportunity to join as a volunteer at UPAY, all thanks to Harsha and Rashmi Didi who considered me as a volunteer at electronic city Shikaripalya village, it is  such a good chance to share your knowledge with the children of your own locality, where there is so muchContinue reading “Volunteer speaks – First Day at UPAY”

Anju Mam’s journey at Artemis center – struggle & success of Footpathshala

I joined UPAY last year with a goal to utilize my leisure time in a more productive  manner. I am thrilled to share that today three children were enrolled at a nearby government primary school ,one girl in middle school and hopefully two will start going to the school again after a gap of oneContinue reading “Anju Mam’s journey at Artemis center – struggle & success of Footpathshala”

My first day at UPAY – Lavitra Garg

My First Day at UPAY Sikendarpur Center, Gurugram It was my first day of visit to the Sikendarpur Center, a day just after I had landed back from Europe. The approach to the Center and the place itself was nowhere near my imagination of a school. The approach road to the Center gave a ruralContinue reading “My first day at UPAY – Lavitra Garg”