“Restore Our Earth” this International Mother Earth Day

“Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived!” Earth Day 2021 will mark the 51st anniversary. Generally, Earth Day is designated a different theme or area of focus each year. Like last year the theme of the day was “Climate action”. The 50th anniversary of Earth Day filled the digital terrainContinue reading ““Restore Our Earth” this International Mother Earth Day”

Volunteering Story: Anju’s journey to transform lives!

Written by: Aparna Mudgal There was a time when there were not many trained teachers at UPAY. The organization was run mainly by the volunteers who taught out of passion. That was when Mrs. Anju Pandey came in as light and canceled out the darkness. Born and brought up in Bihar, she tasted life inContinue reading “Volunteering Story: Anju’s journey to transform lives!”

Sarthak Mittal | Doing small things with great love!

Sarthak Mittal, a 25-year-old software developer, has successfully worked at companies like TCS and Amdocs. He aspires to be an MBA graduate and has always wanted to give it back to society. On a pleasant day in January 2019, he stumbled upon a Quora answer mentioning UPAY. Knowing about the organization knocked his dormant desireContinue reading “Sarthak Mittal | Doing small things with great love!”

A new way of life for Rakesh!

Most students give up on education and their dreams, or take up some odd jobs to help the family meet daily needs. But, this 18-year old guy has set an example with his persistent diligence to realize the dreams and fought hard against destitution his family faced. Rakesh Rajendra Aswale, who is going for hisContinue reading “A new way of life for Rakesh!”

Ending the period poverty

When Rani got her first period, she had nobody to talk about it, not even her mother. As if her struggle to find basic clothes to cover her body was not enough, that this humiliation came over, she thought. With no access to sanitary products, she resorted to praying to Good to stop her periodsContinue reading “Ending the period poverty”