Dadi ka Ghar!

It’s a little after 4 in the morning as the morning azan has ended and the birds are chirping outside.There is a faint smell of dew and the air seems wet from the rain yesterday. Suru had heard it all night, falling on the tin roof of his small hut. Normally, he would be fastContinue reading “Dadi ka Ghar!”

August – The Month Gone by in our Gurgaon centers

Month – August 2017  Zone – Gurgaon  1. HEALTH CHECK UP CAMPS: Secretary Operations- Mr. Akhil Mahajan Health check-up camp was organized at 2 center’s(Sikanderpur and Sec 57 center) in the month of August. 55 students were covered at Sikanderpur center and 13 students were covered at Sec 57 center. Tablet for worm infection was given to eachContinue reading “August – The Month Gone by in our Gurgaon centers”

From Thought to Action: Launching a new center in Gurgaon

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” There can be nothing worse for UPAY than discontinuation of a functional center. As the slums of Sec-51 were cleared by urban development authorities, our beloved center ceased to exist overnight as the students had to migrate. Setting the context. My journey with UPAYContinue reading “From Thought to Action: Launching a new center in Gurgaon”