Where there is a will, there’s a way!

This post is for people who are looking for something positive, for a change. This post wants to demonstrate that where there is a will, there is a way.The story started when the entire country went into lockdown and all schools and colleges were shut. While some children were happy that their schools and collegesContinue reading “Where there is a will, there’s a way!”

Unlocking the potential!

The nation went into Lockdown on the 24th of March,2020. The world was already reeling under a pandemic unprecedented, unparalleled, and unheard of. Lockdown to wade off contagion resulted in a contagion of fear and threw to the world novel challenges. Despite all the technological mastery and claims of superior intelligence humankind was caught offContinue reading “Unlocking the potential!”

Sheetal’s liberation through education!

Shabby little attire and barefoot She was wandering across the streets, her eyes laid on alms. Selling balloons on the city streets and persuading every passerby with open arms. She was the fourth sibling and only daughter of the family. Born and brought up on the pavements of a bustling city, This is Sheetal ChakarContinue reading “Sheetal’s liberation through education!”

UPAY Writing Contest – Runner Up 2

Theme: Role of NGO in education and Betterment of an underprivileged’s life Second Runner Up: Kritika Kedia Before we discuss about the role of NGO in education let’s us first understand what is education and why is it needed. Education to me is awareness. It is a process through which one knows more about selfContinue reading “UPAY Writing Contest – Runner Up 2”

UPAY Writing Contest – Runner Up 1

Theme: What makes a good teacher? First Runner Up: Poorva Singhai Think about something, a subject or any activity which you were taught as a child and still dread it today. The one thing which comes to my mind right now or any time for that matter is, MATHEMATICS. I guess most of you willContinue reading “UPAY Writing Contest – Runner Up 1”