Upays for all New NGOs- Learnings from our Annual Meet

A famous Chinese philosopher Confucius said “Study the past if you would define the future”. With thoughts like these in mind, we, the Gurgaon team of UPAY , reached Nagpur on 12th August for the Annual Meet of UPAY, where our members from Nagpur, Pune and Gurgaon centers were to meet. This is where everyContinue reading “Upays for all New NGOs- Learnings from our Annual Meet”

UPAY (Under Privileged Advancement of Youth)

UPAY [Under Privileged Advancement by Youth] is a NGO registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Reg No: Maharashtra/268/2011/Bhandara). Its aim is to educate children of under privileged section of society & make them self dependent . Every year hundreds of street children , child beggars , slum area’s children and students from rural areasContinue reading “UPAY (Under Privileged Advancement of Youth)”