Not all heroes wear capes

“ Full time is difficult due to commitments to our job but UPAY has every second of the rest of my time “ That is one of the answers, resolute and full of grit, that we received on asking volunteers of UPAY if they would consider teaching full time, instead of volunteering. The concept ofContinue reading “Not all heroes wear capes”

Success Story of a Super-girl from Mouda

I am born – the child says. It is a joyous moment, the parents say. Are you happy – the child asks The parents reply – you are our star. The child asks again – are you poor? The parents look at each other and feel the fear. They are disheartened and feeling the painContinue reading “Success Story of a Super-girl from Mouda”

From Thought to Action: Launching a new center in Gurgaon

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” There can be nothing worse for UPAY than discontinuation of a functional center. As the slums of Sec-51 were cleared by urban development authorities, our beloved center ceased to exist overnight as the students had to migrate. Setting the context. My journey with UPAYContinue reading “From Thought to Action: Launching a new center in Gurgaon”

Upays for all New NGOs- Learnings from our Annual Meet

A famous Chinese philosopher Confucius said “Study the past if you would define the future”. With thoughts like these in mind, we, the Gurgaon team of UPAY , reached Nagpur on 12th August for the Annual Meet of UPAY, where our members from Nagpur, Pune and Gurgaon centers were to meet. This is where everyContinue reading “Upays for all New NGOs- Learnings from our Annual Meet”