Impact on the society when NGOs ( like UPAY ) make an effort.

– Antara Nandy, Student, Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication (SCMC), Pune We cannot disagree with the fact that lifestyle today has become far too work-centric ; so much so that we hardly have any time to see beyond our daily routines. Also with the onset of urbanization, one might even wonder whether there isContinue reading “Impact on the society when NGOs ( like UPAY ) make an effort.”

UPAY Writing Contest – Runner Up 2

Theme: Role of NGO in education and Betterment of an underprivileged’s life Second Runner Up: Kritika Kedia Before we discuss about the role of NGO in education let’s us first understand what is education and why is it needed. Education to me is awareness. It is a process through which one knows more about selfContinue reading “UPAY Writing Contest – Runner Up 2”

UPAY Writing Contest – Runner Up 1

Theme: What makes a good teacher? First Runner Up: Poorva Singhai Think about something, a subject or any activity which you were taught as a child and still dread it today. The one thing which comes to my mind right now or any time for that matter is, MATHEMATICS. I guess most of you willContinue reading “UPAY Writing Contest – Runner Up 1”

UPAY Writing Contest – Winning Entry

Theme: What makes a Good Teacher? Winner: Ankit Anand The cornerstone of human civilisation has been acquiring and propagation of knowledge since ancient times. The spirit of innovation and creativity separates human from other beings. The famous philosopher Rene Descartes, while saying- “I think, therefore I am”, has credited the existence of human beings onContinue reading “UPAY Writing Contest – Winning Entry”

August – The Month Gone by in our Gurgaon centers

Month – August 2017  Zone – Gurgaon  1. HEALTH CHECK UP CAMPS: Secretary Operations- Mr. Akhil Mahajan Health check-up camp was organized at 2 center’s(Sikanderpur and Sec 57 center) in the month of August. 55 students were covered at Sikanderpur center and 13 students were covered at Sec 57 center. Tablet for worm infection was given to eachContinue reading “August – The Month Gone by in our Gurgaon centers”