Karol Bagh Annual Day – Celebration of a milestone

After extensive surveys and an immense effort by the volunteers, the Karol Bagh centre of UPAY was started about a year back, in September 2017. A recent call with the zonal director handling the Karol Bagh Center of UPAY left me completely surprised and in awe. The Karol Bagh centre has seen many hurdles; unfriendlyContinue reading “Karol Bagh Annual Day – Celebration of a milestone”

BAL SABHA session, 25/02/2018 Karol Bagh office, New Delhi

Albert Einstein said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Truly, imagination is the first step towards innovation, which when teamed up with creativity produces exemplary masterpieces. As we know, for reaching the top of the ladder you have to start by firmly planting your feet on the first step, before youContinue reading “BAL SABHA session, 25/02/2018 Karol Bagh office, New Delhi”

Baal Sabha Diary – Karol Bagh Center

The Karol Bagh branch of UPAY family tree is now two-month old and has gradually shown glimpses of bright future to come. The core strength of the students is 50 while during certain days as many as 70 students attend the class. Six-day per week class has been fruitful as depicted by the performance ofContinue reading “Baal Sabha Diary – Karol Bagh Center”