The Paragon of Hope

Faraz ~ a literal meaning of which translates to one who can achieve great heights! The one who is a prominent example of achieving the greatest heights of success with his determination and dedication. The one who lives with a burning fuel to improve the lives of underprivileged kids. And the one who believes his actions and contribution will help such children for the longest of the time!

His roots are from Nanded in Maharashtra, where he completed his higher secondary education before moving to Pune for his higher studies in 2015. Back to his Graduation days, while he was pursuing BBA from BMCC college he came to know about an NGO that worked for the betterment of children in distress. This introduced Faraz to UPAY, thanks to his friend!

In the year 2017, he started engaging himself in NGO activities and it was the start of the burgeoning of UPAY’s Pune zone. He was a teaching volunteer and loved talking to the students and guiding them to a better life. His deep understanding of the value of education makes him stand out from the crowd and dedicate himself to the service of others. 

Faraz’s exemplary commitment to the cause caught the eyes of the senior members at the NGO in the year 2019 and he got his share of appreciation in the form of a Volunteer’s Excellence award, as well as promotion as a Zonal Coordinator. His perspicacious nature, be it in teaching or operation or managing the zone to provide efficient and quality education could not go unnoticed. 

A very kind-hearted Faraz is a wallflower when it comes to other events of life. He usually likes to pick his words carefully and speak them out only when it is necessary. But when it comes to the matters of NGO, he can be seen taking the center stage with the limelight on top! He bravely faces the difficulties on-field and comes up with innovative solutions. 

His passion for teaching has its roots from his mother Mrs Shaheen Rupani who supports him throughout and is also a part of the UPAY family. 

Over time, we saw him develop as a leader. He expressed himself more freely and put across deals nobody can deny. Currently, he is serving as the Zonal Director of Pune zone of UPAY and is also amongst the Board of Executive members. 

He manages his duties along with his personal and academic commitments as currently, he is pursuing his MSc in economics from Symbiosis School of Economics. There are days that tire him off and then there are days he wants to accomplish his dreams so badly. But the only thing that is constant is his patience and resilience. 

The Universe was beautiful, just as Faraz, and then COVID suddenly came into existence and spread wide. When everyone was processing the pandemic and adapting to it, he lead the way to help people in need in every way he could. Right from ensuring Ration is provided to poor families to helping people stay strong mentally. 

During the time when the educational scenario changed, he identified the problem area of English as a language that became a barrier to the underprivileged kids, thus came to the brainchild Project Manzil which catered to spoken English and took almost 200 kids under its ambit. Students from underprivileged backgrounds from various parts of the country took part and are still going strong with their language skills. 

His journey with UPAY for the last 5 years has been full of ups and downs. But when it comes to his fellow volunteers, he motivates them to become better people by serving society with an undying spirit!

Faraz, Grateful for all you are and for all you do.. We Thankyou!!

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UPAY ...An initiative to educate Under Privileged Children from Slums & Footpaths by a group of young Engineers, Doctors , Students and senior citizens

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