Leading towards Light

Diwali is often known as the festival of lights. One sees the colourful, bright plethora of lights and lamps all over the city. This is an exciting happening for all of us. However, for children who live on the streets, the blinding car lights, glaring street lights aren’t new. Do these lights- bright and dim, sparkling and transient, make a difference to those whose living situations have sentenced them to the streets?

Our country is estimated to have around 18 million children who are living on the streets, left to fend for themselves and their families, away from the comfort, luxury and opportunities of bustling cities. While all of us have seen and heard about these statistics, the grim reality is that these 18 million children with untapped potential often miss the opportunity to lead a better life.

While each child’s experience of talent, education and success is subjective, the lack of opportunities due to circumstances is an objective reality for many.

Footpathshaala is an endeavour that was initiated by UPAY to bring education to those who couldn’t reach schools due to their circumstances. Over the years, dedicated teachers, volunteers have worked to ensure these children have access to education. If the children can’t reach the school, let the school reach them.

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Footpathshaala involves not just imparting education but also focuses on creating a sense of awareness. Nutrition, personality grooming is also taken care of to ensure a better quality of life.

It’s an attempt to replace begging bowls with books, bleak uncertainty with future opportunities. Children living on footpaths deserve not only education but also the freedom to become aware, active citizens of India.

Since its launch, Footpathshaala has managed to enrol 450 students, rescue 16 children, reduce substance abuse by 70% and provide over 8500 after class meals. It is operational in Pune, Nagpur, Delhi and Gurgaon.

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One initiative doesn’t change ground reality instantly. But gradual, consistent effort holds the power to create a difference. Footpathshaala is a testament to this fact.

Diwali also symbolizes the dispelling of darkness. Now is the time to light a lamp. Not of the transient kind but a lamp of knowledge. One of service. A lamp lit with the intention to illuminate. The one which has the ability to dispel the darkness of years of poverty, suffering and deprivation through the power of education.

This Diwali, help transform darkness into light. Join hands with UPAY to change lives. One day at a time, one step at a time.

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