National Art Day

There are nearly 7 billion people that share this Earth. Despite sharing this one space, each has a little world of their own that no other can fully understand. 

This is how we humans are. This is how life is. 

Growing up, we all try to find and build that little world of our own. 
Growing up, we are little kids running in the jungle of tall adults.
Growing up, we are bound to bump into many and peek into their world.

As we do so, some pieces stay with us. And we try to incorporate them in the little place we are carving for ourselves. 
But with so much going on, how do we solidify it?  How do we visualize it?

We do it through Art – a medium to explore, express and communicate who we are.

We sing what others sing, then make our melodies.

We sketch the world around us, how we want it to be.

Save Environment Poster UPAY

We paint what we love and see beauty in 

Never Give Up

We do all this again for the ones we love and admire.

Mother and Daughter
Artwork by UPAY Students
Little Krishna 
Father's Day Greeting Card

Art can be an album of all the people we were.

And a possibility of all the thing we can be.

UPAY wants to celebrate this National Art Day by sharing some works from the little artist at our organization and encouraging them to keep dancing, sketching, painting, singing and writing.

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