Whispers of Wisdom       

Written by: Bhavika Arora (Intern, UPAY)

In today’s fast-paced world where everything tends to lose its meaning, our families are what binds us all together. Family is a sacred institution that needs stability, generosity and most importantly, wisdom to grow and foster relationships in a beautiful way. It is love that binds everyone together. An Indian family is a classic paradigm of affection and culture.

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As our cultural history puts it, the elders of our family play a superior and significant role in Indian society. Our parents and grandparent play the role of advisors and are the guiding lights of the culture we follow. They are the emblems of the fathomless wisdom and spiritual knowledge which they wish to impart to the newer generations.

The 21st Century socially constructed communities have witnessed revolutionary changes in terms of social norms and family integration. However, a community that displays a deeper sense of respect and reverence to elders stays more connected with the past and are likely to make better societal and personal decisions.

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Our forefathers were the binding force, who kept the families together. They teach us how to be better in terms of communication and patience. The time we spend connecting with each other enhances our bond even in the outer world. 

Getting old is an inevitable process and inherent to human beings. Some of the lessons which help us immensely living along with the elders in our families are:

  1. Fostering strong marital and family relationships
  2. Learning to navigate through the adversities 
  3. The idea of service or Sewa
  4. Kindness and compassion to lead a meaningful life.
  5. Prioritizing family and elders
  6. Making your own decisions
  7. Being courageous
  8. Making a Cost-Benefit Analysis of every investment
  9. Working hard to make the ends meet
  10. Being in cooperation with others
  11. Harmony and love are the most important pillars to discover meaning in life.
  12. Work cohesively to solve a problem/dispute

The march of time will never make their presence less important in our culture. On the other hand, western culture has always pioneered individualism and independence. However, this should not signal towards the making of more old age homes, which appear to be a dime a dozen nowadays. Western ideas allow children to lead their lives with utmost freedom but this shouldn’t break the connection between children and their families because “The challenge today is to build a world that is just as responsive to the needs of very old people as to the very young.”

WE should respect elders because thats what our kids will learn too...UPAY ngo pune nagpur delhi -ncr gurugram, gurgaon

The westernized approach encourages elders to make active contributions to societal issues and live life on their own terms, the way they want to, after retirement. But after years of experience, the elders keep the book of their life open in front of us. Unreservedly, for us to derive a lot of lessons from that. In order to express our gratitude towards them, we must never leave their side and should always support them through thick or thin. 

The published paper is given below titled- Inter-Generational Relationships: An Indian Perspective gives an irrefragable insight into the topic elucidated in the above paragraphs. It elaborates the belief mentioned in our Upanishads and Vedas- “Devotion to elders is like devotion to God.”

Kindly give it a read. 

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