Perpetual impact of Art on Human psyche           

Written by: Aritrika Das(Intern, UPAY)

Art- the entwined twins of imagination and creative execution!  

Art is a diverse range of products of human activity involving creative imagination to express technological proficiency, beauty and emotional power or conceptual ideas. Pablo Picasso ~ the renowned Spanish painter and sculptor once quoted, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Thus art can be envisioned in as many ways as an artist can.

From the inception of human civilization, countless art forms were invented. Their gradual evolution through ages helped them to reach the pinnacle today. The process will continue with the advancement of human invention and thus inseparably entwined with the human psyche.

Art and Human psychiatry: 

 World Mental health day

According to the present concept of “Holistic Human Health”, psychological health is as important or probably more important than physical health. The determining factors of mental health comprehend distinctive individual traits like the ability to manage one’s thoughts, emotions, behaviour and personal interactions. 

Socio-economic, cultural, political and environmental factors have a powerful impact on human behaviour and mental health. In the present life pattern, most people face challenges like ill-mental health that intensify to long-term conditions with ageing. 

Adolescents and school-going children alike have fallen prey to such engulfing mental illness. Various studies and experiments are in progress to deal with this scrounger eating away human minds. 

Art-A benison:

In this age where health has taken a back seat, art is no longer limited to entertainment or a mere form of expression. It has become a form of Panacea that infuses life for many suffering from mental and physical ailments. We know it as Art Therapy. 

From the impressive development of cognition and motor functions in infants to treating diseases in adults, the expression of art need not be perfect. You can enjoy ~

  • sketching
  • finger painting
  • doodling
  • sculpting
  • clay-modelling
  • listening to soulful music
  • playing musical instruments

All these forms are used for the proper functioning of the brain and reducing psychological stress and age-related issues. 

Art, in the modern age, commands in abundant aspects of human life from entertainment to earning, from entity to remedy. It has overwhelmingly enticing attributes that have impacted our lives in a constructive way. 

Art is the nostrum as described by Stella Adler, an American actress and mentor – 

“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.”

UPAY cares for the mental health:

UPAY promotes art and culture along with academics amongst the children dwelling on footpaths and in slums. It is an initiative to teach children expression using various techniques and art forms. 

UPAY NGO baalsabha
promoting art
World mental health day

Through initiatives like Baal Sabha, volunteers arrange monthly spontaneous activity sessions for the children to enhance their extra-curricular calibre. During these sessions, children at the centre choose their activity of interest for the day like singing, painting, dancing, acting or whatever they like and are provided with necessary props and guidance whenever required throughout the session. 

Such sessions are organized regularly or on occasions like World Creativity and Art Day and alike in order to endow these children with a holistic education, to enlighten them with comprehensive edification.

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