UPAY : A Ray of Hope and Crisis

For 33-year-old Varsha Solekar, it’s a miracle.

Varsha’s blood glucose level shot up suddenly one day. It could have been extremely fatal had she not turned up at the medical camp run by UPAY in the Rahadi village in Maharashtra. 

Many of us have felt a moment of gratitude for the economic and health security nets we have, that have helped us tide over the lockdown. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many people like Varsha, who are devoid of basic healthcare facilities. 

In tough situations such as these, UPAY Mauda has come up with free medical camps in the Rahadi and Isapur villages of Maharashtra.

“As soon as we got to know about Varsha’s condition, we provided her with proper consultation and medication”

Karishma anjankar, zonal admin officer, mauda

It’s just been a few weeks and Varsha is now hale and hearty, thanks to the joint efforts of the members of the organization. 

Medicamp, UPAY NGO, Mauda,
Medicamp, Mauda

“Blood pressure, blood glucose level, temperature and oxygen saturation level are monitored in these camps. Needy patients are also provided with free consultation from specialists through teleconsultation facility” informed Karishma.

It’s been around two months since the camp started in Rahadi and more than 550 people have already benefited from the initiative. “After just eight days since we started the camp in Isapur, we were able to reach 98 people from the village”. Karishma and her team are extremely happy with the success of the camps.

The first zone of UPAY, Mauda houses 10 centres of the NGO and has been working constantly for the benefit of the people in various villages. 

Medicamp, UPAY NGO, Mauda, consultation
Healthcare provision in Medicamp Mauda

Apart from working on healthcare, the team has also been striving to maintain the smooth running of educational programs through multiple activities like online quizzes and worksheet based activities.

Such initiatives are a source of inspiration for all of us. Kudos to the team of UPAY Mauda for being the beacon of hope in the lives of innumerable people! 

Written by Uzma Afreen, Intern

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