Reminiscing the 74-year-old Journey of Our Country

A sense of pride settles in every heart as we see our Tiranga fly high – be it when it decorates the blue sky or kisses the topmost bar of our screens. It’s hard not to feel your heart overcome with emotions when you hear Jana Gana Mana play, especially at an international event. 

Desh bhakti geet, stories of the independence struggle, tales of a culturally rich ancient India are all the architects of our patriotism.

Happy Independence Day
On the occassion of the 75th Independence Day of our country let us take a brief look at the last 74 years of our journey and come together to celebrate national pride🇮🇳

It’s because we belong to the same community, the same extended family under the name of India. Like families, we have our complaints and criticisms of each other, but that doesn’t let our patriotic fervour waver. It only makes it stronger—particularly today, when we celebrate the beginning of the 75th year of our Independence from colonial rule.

With the pandemic still ravaging the streets, we cannot pine for grand festivities. We can still immerse ourselves in the sense of pride by reminiscing the journey traversed by our nation in the past 74 years.

Two hundred years of colonial exploitation made the Indian economy poor, backward and stagnant. The steady deindustrialisation by the colonial rulers had pushed India towards abject poverty. Our share in the global economy was seven times lower than its status in the pre-colonial era. 

The day – 15th August 1947, didn’t just mark the end of a struggle. It marked the beginning of a revolution. The mammoth task of revamping the economy, in particular, and the country at large, awaited the citizens. The golden bird had been left shattered – it was our duty now to pick up the pieces. 

And we did. 

In the last 74 years, the Indian economy has seen its fair share of ups and downs. It has witnessed eras of varied ideologies – socialism, license raj and Liberalisation, lead us to where we are today – holding a 135 trillion rupee economy that constitutes 7% of the Global GDP. We managed to turn the tables over time.

We did so not only on the economic front but also in sports, cinema, science and technology. Our nation has successfully created a niche for itself in every field. 

The excitement over the qualification of the men and women’s hockey teams to the semi-finals was echoed across seas – in every country that Indians resided. Neeraj Chopra’s gold medal in Tokyo is a memory that will be engraved in memories forever. 

India has not failed to acknowledge the role of sports in a country. It appreciates both traditional (Kabaddi and Kho-Kho) and foreign (Cricket) games at the national level. At an international level, we had the honour to host the Asian Games, Cricket World Cup, Hockey World Cup and the Commonwealth Games. 

Implausible storylines, loaded with songs and dance sequences, the Indian cinema has made the world go gaga over its movies. Global audiences have been huge fans of our film industries for decades. We have evolved into being the world’s largest producer of feature films. Even though our country’s film industry has become synonymous with Bollywood, the works of our regional industries have also garnered critical recognition on International platforms. 

Who can forget Science and technology? India is among the top nations in the world in the field of scientific research. Undertaking daring and innovative space missions to the moon and beyond, the country has positioned itself as one of the top five nations in the field of space exploration. As the leading exporters of IT products, we stand among the top 50 countries in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2020.

India has leapfrogged major hurdles to be a dominant presence in the global platforms.  The current pandemic has indeed battered our progress. However, the country that has built itself from ground zero has the potential to tide over the crisis successfully.

Until it passes, we have to be, undoubtedly, socially distant but not emotionally. The rising differences in the country call for bridging the gap and what better occasion to do it on. This Independence Day, let’s put aside our difference and come together to celebrate our achievements. Fortunately, no pandemic can sneak into a virtual call, so make the most of it. Celebrate the day with your family, friends and community while safely nestled inside the security of your homes. 

May harmony forever keep us glued together. Happy Independence Day.

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