A letter for my Best-friend

Sometimes we are at loss for words to truly express how we feel to your closest buds. Here is a letter from team UPAY to make expressing your feelings a little easier.

Share with your friends, to bring a smile to their faces.

Happy Friendship Day!

Dear friend,

Hey there! It has been so long since we met. Yes, I know we have had a few video calls since the lockdown started, but it was nothing like meeting you and our gang in person. Between the long meetings and disrupted work-life schedule, I could barely find any time to really talk to you! It’s a miracle that I have managed to stay sane despite such little contact with you. 

You might be wondering why I am dedicating this letter to you when I could have simply messaged you. Well, I have realized that letters tend to have an affect on people which texting and other ‘technologically advanced means of communication’ just cannot achieve. This pandemic has caused me to sit down and process my feelings. 

So, humour me. Allow me to express my emotions today in an old school way. 

I am so grateful that you are my friend. You are one of the most remarkable persons I have met! I love the person you are. I hope you like being you too. Everybody needs a “you” in their life, and I am lucky to already have one! I hope you are proud of you. I know I am!

I can’t imagine how things would be if we had never met. Celebrating little victories never felt silly with you. I felt so righteous when we doted on minor issues for hours on end (With always a dash of gentle reminder at the end to learn from experiences and be better.)

We have our ups and downs – quirks that we love and hate about each other. But over the years, we have learnt to accept and look past the little things ( things that don’t really matter in the end). I am very proud of this connection we have built together.

I have missed your presence this last year. I wish our houses were next to each other. It would have made the past year just so much easier. But the good news is, we still stand on the other side, stronger than ever! It has made me realize that no matter how the nature of our friendship changes, I know that I will always have you as my pillar of support. 

Here is a reminder that you will have me too! I care very deeply about you, and I don’t want you to ever feel lonely. Because you are not. I will always be there for you. I am just one away- one text, one call, one ask away for you.

Wish you a very happy friendship day, dost! 


Your best friend.

P.S – Remember that outing we always plan but never get to go to? How about we actually follow through with it? Let’s make it the first place we go to when we can go out without the worry of the virus

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