A University Requirement to an Enthusiastic Intern

My journey at UPAY started as a University requirement, but it continues as a willing volunteer. My undergraduate course at FLAME University has a requirement of volunteering at an NGO for a certain period. In light of this pandemic, it was difficult for me to reach out to NGOs as many were not working at the time. During my research, I came across UPAY. I gained a better understanding of their work by reading their website and the UPAY blog. Their work to empower women and children intrigued me. I found their approach to the local community empathetic and unique.

What further solidified my willingness to join UPAY’s internship program was that they provided an opportunity for a virtual internship with flexible hours and duration. To clear out further doubts, I contacted the Pune office. After a satisfying response, I immediately filled out the internship application on UPAY’s website. In the application, I focused on my statement of purpose to work in UPAY. In two days, I received a screening call from the NGO. It was nothing to worry about as they asked the questions to know my journey, story and skills. In the call, UPAY found the position for a content writer suitable for me, and they notified me about receiving a screening assignment soon. The next day, I received an email containing the assignment’s details. The assignment included a short essay and a few questions about my views on the underprivileged and some related to writing. The questions were targeted towards my area of knowledge. Thus, I didn’t have to do extensive research. I submitted my assignment on the deadline, which was 24 hours after I had received the assignment.

I was surprised as in the next two days, I got a call to inform that I was shortlisted and called for the next step in the selection process: the interview. The interview was scheduled, taking into account my convenience, which at the time I greatly appreciated. To be honest, I was extremely nervous about it. But in hindsight, I had nothing to worry about. The interviewers were friendly and eased me into the interview. The questions were regarding my experiences as mentioned in the resume and then ideas about audience engagement, my writing style, and how I would contribute to the foundation. In 2-3 days, I immediately got the results of my application. I was selected as an intern content writer with UPAY. The whole selection process was over within a week, all due to their prompt responses. 

I started my internship the following week. First, along with a few other interns, I attended an orientation call that explained how UPAY works and was assigned a mentor. After the orientation, a meeting was held with other interns in the same position as me. This is where we exchanged plans and were encouraged to come up with new ideas. Our mentor assigned us our first assignments, and we set a deadline for ourselves. With my first article behind me, I cant wait to work on many more articles and essays to come. 

Experience of : Goutami Patankar

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