“Restore Our Earth” this International Mother Earth Day

“Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived!”

Earth Day 2021 will mark the 51st anniversary. Generally, Earth Day is designated a different theme or area of focus each year. Like last year the theme of the day was “Climate action”. The 50th anniversary of Earth Day filled the digital terrain with transnational discussions, calls to action, accomplishments, video instructions, and more. 

This year, the theme of Earth Day is “Restore Our Earth”. 

While Earth Day went digital this year, our goal persisted the same. We got to line up the nation and put up with the most significant actions to practice.  

Mostly, Earth Day events vary from river cleanups to disposals of intrusive elements. With social distancing still in the niche for many of us this April, Earth Day has gone digital again. Digital events, such as environment conservation speeches and films, will take place on Earth Day (Thursday, April 22). 

When was the first Earth Day? 

Earth Day was founded by the US senator and environmentalist Gaylord Nelson in 1970 to highlight the importance of sterile air and pristine water. An event was organized that saw an astonishing 20 million people across the US taking to the streets making it around 10 percent of the Country’s population. The significance of the theme is all about curtailing the hazardous footprint and remedying the destruction we’ve already made. 

Nowadays, children are not attentive towards the earth and the environment around them. This is becoming lethal for them day by day. The celebration of Earth Day is important for every one of us, to understand and value the resources the Earth provides us with.

While utilizing sources of the earth we must take care of the factors that affect the earth due to our negligence. It is possible to recover the Earth by engaging our young minds in this process. 

Here are some relaxing ways to celebrate Earth Day with youngsters in 2021:

1. Online cooking, Essay, or Debate competitions: Universities and schools can organize some virtual events. Children usually do not value the environment. Of all the Earthy resources, they need to reflect on the importance of investing their time and effort to make sure that they conserve resources for their future self.

2. Even preschoolers can start discovering environmentally-friendly habits. Set up a sorting depot with three containers: garbage, compost, and recycling. After a meal, kids can be asked to sift their stuff into the containers. 

Where do milk boxes go? How about banana peels? Talk about what recycling is and what is compostable, and how we can reuse it? Kids can learn about sorting trash while fine-tuning their motor skills. 

3. The logical way to build fondness for nature is by getting out there and enjoying it. All you need for an outdoor scavenger hunt is paper, a pencil, and a clipboard, which are easy and fun. 

How can we organize it? 

Instruct children to find some things that are found naturally around us. 

Here are some items for your scavenger hunt: 

  • Three kinds of leaves of different shapes each
  • A flower of specific color or kind
  • A steady rock 
  • Something to climb, like the Banyan roots 
  • A feather of any animal usually found around them) 
  • Some fruit to eat 
  • Something that scents well 

If you store it in place, you can still go on an eco-friendly virtual field outing and find out what everyone collected. 

This is how we can engage the children without any hefty expenses and with productive learning on this day.

Written By:

Isha Sharma

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