Volunteering Story: Anju’s journey to transform lives!

Written by: Aparna Mudgal

There was a time when there were not many trained teachers at UPAY. The organization was run mainly by the volunteers who taught out of passion. That was when Mrs. Anju Pandey came in as light and canceled out the darkness.

Born and brought up in Bihar, she tasted life in different forms. She comes from a family of doctors, which has a musical background. She is an avid reader and learned and practiced homeopathy. She formerly taught French and music in a public school for over a decade and carries a huge teaching experience. She is somebody who loves exploring things and she is well proving it.

Anju teaching at the Footpathshaala center

Her life took a turn when she saw UPAY’s hoarding in her society premises in Gurugram. She quite liked the idea of the organization and joined hands immediately. Initially, she taught at our Footpathshala center. After some time, she left her job at school and started working with us full time, when she realized this is what she wanted to do! To educate the kids who were devoid of enough resources.

Anju Pandey interacting with the parents in their roadside tent

Her determination to bring a change in the lives of the children was a result of the energy and persistence the children showed. She recalls how Khushboo, a student at the Footpathshala center had difficulty even in pronouncing her name. But the child’s conviction and desire to learn English made her realize how the children from the mainstream education system do not value the resources and luxuries they receive.

As time passed, Anju’s love and urge to provide for these street children grew. She efficiently led the team and overcame the challenges as it came her way. Her methodical approach in the process of learning made our students ready and interested to go to schools!

In the last academic year, she got the students enrolled in the Government school, which may sound like an easy job but takes a lot of effort. She believes that these children born to the underprivileged section of society are not intellectually poor. All they need is a little support and positive guidance to turn things upside down.

The students of Footpathshala center practicing Yoga

In the years to come, she wants the children to be well-educated and become be self-sufficient so that they don’t need to beg for their livelihood, instead, are capable enough to earn it with dignity.

She sets a perfect example for us to follow! Her simplicity and grit determination to transform the lives of the underprivileged children enable UPAY to achieve its mission.

We are thankful to her as well as many volunteers like her who shape the lives to make this world a better place to live in!

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