Bas 5 Minut! for your everyday Mental Health

Written by: Anna Abraham

Despite living in a world thriving on globalization and progressive ideals, mental health is still a topic of shame and humiliation. It is still considered a taboo and does not receive the appropriate candor it should. 

In a developing country like India, where progressivism and backwardness run side by side, mental health is still considered a bane. Guided by superstitious belief, mental health seems to be associated with the possession of evil spirits or the practice of witchcraft. 

Guided by pre-existing illogical thought, Society has created a fear of being termed as retarded or crazy. Moreover, the unavailability of appropriate resources to provide the required knowledge and sensitization about mental health has further enforced the idea that- mental health is nothing but simply “in one’s mind”. In such a time, it is important to create awareness and sensitivity to mental health. 

It is rightly said that-

“Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health. You don’t dismiss broken bones. So you must not dismiss broken minds as well”. 

With this desire and intention that Devina Singh started the ‘Bas 5 Minut‘ Curriculum for the children in schools. 

Devina, being a student of Psychology, knew firsthand that there was a lack of Mental Health Awareness in the present-day schooling curriculum. With a desire to change this, she came up with her self-designed curriculum. It was a result of days of research and study that this module was made possible. 

UPAY is incorporating Bas 5 Minut’s Module in its online classes

Often in our busy schedules, we forget to prioritize ourselves and our health. We continue to practice our hectic lives, failing to pause and introspect within. With such a lifestyle, it is crucial to take a break and give our mind and body the rest it needs. Such respite will only help us to function as competent individuals in the future. Bas 5 Minut is a curriculum born out of his idea. 

UPAY decided to collaborate with her and make use of her curriculum in our syllabi. The curriculum consists of several activities, which each focus on enhancing a child’s understanding of a mental health aspect. 

Each module enhances their understanding of identity and self-exploration. The children are given exercises to express themselves and embrace their personality confidently. 

A student showing her drawing as a part of her classroom activity

To create a collaborative environment for learning, teachers guide the students based on their perspectives and create a deeper connection with the students. 

Devina claims that the activities, so far, have been received with the appropriate attention, concentration, and success. With her support and we look forward to raising our children into mentally strong and aware individuals!

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