An enthusiastic giver!- Sravya Majeti

Most of us are so busy making our lives perfect that we miss out on thinking about those who do not even have the basic amenities in life, leave aside the quality living standards.

In the slums of our fancy cities reside a large chunk of such a population, who are devoid of the essentials. Unfortunately, their struggle to win a day’s bread is much more important than claiming a right to a dignified life!

The only thing we believe can catalyze the change in their lives is education and hence we strive to overcome such disparities. Our team of more than 270 volunteers works relentlessly towards making a nation where education is not a distant dream for a child.

Sravya teaching one of the students at Shikaripalya center

One such volunteer is Sravya Majeti, who came to know about UPAY through Facebook. The seniors at her college used to volunteer with UPAY and, knowing about their contribution left an impact on Sravya in a big way.

When she first started volunteering two years ago, she experienced a tingle of satisfaction that comes from helping those around us and, there has been no going back. Her empowering presence made a lot of difference in setting up a new learning center in Bangalore’s Shikaripalya area.

Through our Reach & Teach initiative, we mark our presence for the children in the slums who do not have adequate learning resources. UPAY attempts to develop the children holistically using ART based learning. We also stress moral development, counseling, health camps, and extra-academic activities to provide a healthy and happy childhood to each child.

As an enthusiastic volunteer, Sravya has enabled the execution of many new initiatives to make sure the systematic development of the children and the community as a whole. During the lockdown, when we needed all hands on deck, she extended her support to make sure that those who needed help got it on time. Her contribution to facilitating Ration distribution to the migrant workers and daily wage laborers helped us reach more than a thousand people across Bangalore.

She believes, “Students at our center are talented and, a little push is what they need. Through UPAY, we can improve their lives for good. I am grateful to all the volunteers and teachers who are taking time out of their busy lives to empower these children.” Indeed, Sravya has facilitated our growth, and today she is a proud recipient of the Volunteer’s Excellence Award at UPAY.

As UPAY grows, we require more such purposeful volunteers who shall scale up our initiative and help us transform the lives of thousands of children all over the country!


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