Unlocking the potential!

The nation went into Lockdown on the 24th of March,2020. The world was already reeling under a pandemic unprecedented, unparalleled, and unheard of. Lockdown to wade off contagion resulted in a contagion of fear and threw to the world novel challenges. Despite all the technological mastery and claims of superior intelligence humankind was caught off guard in this calamitous pandemic.

We at UPAY served the destitute, the migrant workers & the needy by providing them with ration and cooked food. Our volunteers worked tirelessly to help and support the poor. Our endeavor to tirelessly & continuously impart education to the underprivileged was greatly hampered too. Protracted Lockdown stopped daily functioning at our Delhi Centres, eventually leading to erosion of learned lessons among kids. We were also at a risk of depleted rapport with them, which we had developed after months of dedicated efforts.
In harmony with the words of The Prime Minister of the country and our core belief. We saw this calamity as an opportunity to grow, to adapt, and to re-invent ourselves. Committed to maintaining social-distancing, we found the solution in an online, digital medium.

Our Zonal Director Ms. Mithila Malhotra and Zonal Secretary Finance Ms. Shruti Garg approached children and their parents. We were delighted at their willingness and enthusiasm to continue learning. Volunteers Priyanka & Neeraj took the responsibility of teaching them online. As per Priyanka her most satisfying moment as a teacher was when Arjun, a promising child at the Karol Bagh Centre showed his eagerness by asking for assignments over WhatsApp instead of the vague blurred picture he was getting on the phone. Kiran who now had to look after a shop and had to face unavailability of data at the appropriate time asked for assignments to be sent over WhatsApp. With the help of websites like K5learning.com, we are providing them with assignments & homework sheets. Online videos from YouTube too are being provided to them.

Despite technological assistance. We continue to face problems. It’s a no man’s guess that virtual classes cannot replace the physical presence of a teacher. But we refuse to give up on our ideals and have remained committed to impart education to the underprivileged.
No matter how adverse the situation is life finds a way, light finds a way,
Likewise, UPAY finds the way.

Penned by- Prem Priyesh

Published by UPAY - उपाय

UPAY ...An initiative to educate Under Privileged Children from Slums & Footpaths by a group of young Engineers, Doctors , Students and senior citizens

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