A sneak into Richard’s Journal!

Penned by – Pranjali Thalnerkar

Richard with his troupe of munchkins

People talk about work experience, but some experiences speak beyond work. One of our team members, named Richard, interned at UPAY Bangalore as a volunteer and contributed towards the betterment of underprivileged children through education. He was given the responsibility of teaching English, geography and mathematics. At a time, he handled 5-6 children and taught them different subjects.

Richard made sure that the children are not just able to speak, but also write in English language for better understanding. He also handled students of different age groups whenever his assigned students were absent. He was in a way not just able to teach students of one but many age groups. The course in English included nouns, verbs, sentence formations, etc.

The other subject that he taught was geography. He started with teaching about the solar system. And the students were amazed to know how big and vast our universe is. As Richard faced difficulty in teaching them about different planets, he tried to show them pictures for better understanding. The students found it very interesting to know that stars are not that small as they see them.

Mathematics is never easy but Richard made it easy for children by using unique techniques to make them understand the language of numbers. He taught addition, subtraction and multiplication and division to older age group. Richard was very enthusiastic while teaching and found many ways to make the syllabus interesting. When he experienced reluctance from some children, he switched to visual teaching and brought laptop to the class. He not only taught them about the laptop to keep them updated about the technology in the world, but also showed them videos related to their syllabus and developed their interest in the subject.

At UPAY, volunteers make sure that the syllabus of their school is fully covered so that the students get thorough with their concepts. Also, here it is not just about studies but also there is a focus on extracurricular activities. On Sundays, the children are given puzzles to solve, drawings to make and also play fun games which ultimately lead to some new learning.

UPAY believes in innovative teaching which includes video classes, educational movies, fun learning, etc. The organization doesn’t stop at traditional chalk and board teaching but the volunteers sit, discuss and come up with the ideas of how these kids can get the best. After all, education is for all!!

Click here to get access to Richard’s journal.

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