Skill development initiative reaches another milestone

Meeting the vibrant Asma, Sahera banu and many others like them was a delight for us. The dedication to bring laurels to their own name goes unparalleled. Belonging to a community which does not encourage them to come forward, they have taken a step to bridge the gap and took the decision to be a part of the skill development initiative “Samarth”, of UPAY. Under the program, they were trained by a women of their community named Gulnaz. She always kept her foot forward and within a period of 5 months, trained a group of 12 ladies. They were imparted expertise in the field of sewing. The journey to train them started from basic hemming and competed with making them capable enough to stitch full fledged clothes. The achievement of the team is commendable which is reflected in their zeal to move forward in this direction.

Sky is the limit and this is what describes the group of these trained and skilled set of ladies who look forward to become entrepreneurs in future. They serve as an example for the entire society where women confine themselves due to the shackles they are “bestowed” upon.

It is astonishing to see how a woman who never came out of her home, stuck in daily household work is now learning; getting trained to embrace her future aspirations. There may be a long way to go but her commitment and desire to excel and make her life better and moreover, provide her children with better resources, is an inspiration for many!

Happy to share that the first batch of skill development center of Bangalore zone has successfully completed its certification course in stitching. Out of 12 ladies, 10 have been certified by UPAY for pursuing the course in professional space as well.

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