Impact on the society when NGOs ( like UPAY ) make an effort.

– Antara Nandy, Student, Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication (SCMC), Pune

We cannot disagree with the fact that lifestyle today has become far too work-centric ; so much so that we hardly have any time to see beyond our daily routines. Also with the onset of urbanization, one might even wonder whether there is still a scope and hope for humanity to flourish. A typical day in the lives of any general citizen today revolves around office buildings, the computers, the traffic, the TGIF parties and of course the weekend getaways. We focus much on moving from place to place , that we fall short of time to stop and observe.

Yes, there’s a whole different world out there, far different and alien than the one we privileged citizens reside in . Yes, there are millions and millions of people for whom survival is an unanswered question, education is a in-acquirable dream and 3 meals in a day is a luxury. Thousands of people are falling victims in the vicious hands of social crimes every single day. Numerous animals and plants are on the verge of extinction, creating an imbalance in the environment. In Short – OUR PLANET IS NOT IN SAFE HANDS ANY LONGER!

In times like these, certain humanitarian workers living right among us appear as a ray of hope to the society and lead us to a better tomorrow. They have taken it as their duty to heal our planet to make it a better place. With every year that goes by, the number of NGOs have been showing a steep rise all around the world making it very clear that the number of lives in need of help, are also rising at an equal rate if not faster. The presence of the NGOs acts as a reassurance to the presence of compassion, kindness, and generosity in this world.

Are NGOs Really Important ?

There are many more with the same question. NGO’s plays a crucial role in the well being of mankind because there are numerous issues which need professional tackling and addressing, and one needs to be strong enough to fight against it . We have been taught from a tender age about how team work yields a better results when compared to individual efforts. So we can define NGO’s as a team of compassionate volunteers and individuals who aim at addressing the ills and problems in a society.
A point to applaud and acknowledge here is that these NGOs are all primarily volunteer driven. They focus on the issues like human rights , environmental, health etc. Level of NGO depends upon the scale at which it works like local , national and international .
To explain the entire scenario better – just like how we need a strong opposition to make a govt work better , in the same manner to make a society work on morals and ethics we need NGO’s.

To understand it better let’s take the example UPAY . Now, this NGO is active most parts of Nagpur , Delhi , Pune , Mouda ,Gurugram etc. UPAY has expanded from 15 children to more than 1500 children and 300 volunteers in a span of 7 years. Their initiative are concerned with child education, women empowerment, youth leadership programs, health and hygiene, knowledge sharing etc. Such initiatives help give equal opportunities to the marginalised population of the country and help elevate the society as a whole. They help build a brighter future of the nation, by caring for the ones that are not cared for , by educating the ones who do not even understand the need to education , by not letting economic status determine what the deserve and what they do not. They do this by going out of their ways to convince the parents of numerous children as to how important it is to be educated in today’s world and to dream of a better life.

They CHOOSE to do this, because they care enough to put their time, money and effort where their mouths are.
Without any doubt, NGO’s are the most crucial part of a progressive society. They work towards making the society a better place to live in. According to me, an NGO is a team of individuals who work towards providing a decent life to the underprivileged members of the society. They show the zeal to make a difference by providing basic necessities to the ones in need unlike most of us – self centred citizens.

The least we can do is to acknowledge their efforts and help in any way possible – maybe by donating amounts of money that we use to fan our extravagance otherwise . Some little child somewhere will have the opportunity to see the face of school.

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UPAY ...An initiative to educate Under Privileged Children from Slums & Footpaths by a group of young Engineers, Doctors , Students and senior citizens

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