My journey with UPAY Foundation

By Chimi Dorji, BA (Mass Communication and Audiovisual production), Symbiosis International Deemed University

The UPAY (Underprivileged Advancement by Youth) Foundation is a non-governmental organization – an educational institution that facilitates free access to education in the wake of privatization. The Foundation since its establishment has many success stories across the regional and national level.

Today, there are around 1700 children taking shelter under UPAY and the foundation is giving them education as same like privileged children which help to light their life from darkness.

Volunteers and staff of UPAY during annual conference 2018

Mother Earth has given us equal rights to access natural resources. We as a human species has same needs and wants. But there exists a selfish creature that tries to privatize those resources. Due to privatization there is unequal distribution, that at the end, limits the freedom and rights of other people.

In today’s world, getting education is challenging especially those children who are from lower income family. Though their top priority is getting themselves educated but they deprived platform for their learning. So, looking at those conditions, a young, energetic, charismatic engineering graduate, Mr. Varun Shrivastava had founded UPAY along with his associates in 2010 which yielded profound success in the life of children. For instance, children those who don’t know about basic arithmetic calculation can able to do now. That is how successful UPAY was in terms of giving their service.

Footpath Shaala in their class

Taking success in terms of coverage, the UPAY’s service is spread across the country where there are 26 centers having 1700 children.

There are 10 centers in Nagpur Zone, 9 centers in Mouda Zone, 4 centers in Gurgaon zone, 2 centers in Pune zone, and 1 center each in Delhi, Noida and Bengalore zone.

Showcasing their demo to the visitors

As an intern, I got an opportunity to participate in the annual conference held at Nagpur on 20th to 23th September, 2018. During the event, around 100 volunteers from different zones and centers took part in the event.

The conference was annual event of UPAY held to discuss about the issues, challenges and success stories. Each zonal officer had presented their annual report about their zone’s story.

Coinciding with the annual conference, foundation day was celebrated with utmost dedication by the students performing live solo songs, dances and short plays. When children showcase their talents some parents shade tears of joy and happiness. They celebrate happiness together.

What a moment of life!

students of of Nagpur and Mouda Zone

UPAY’s journey has taken milestone success in the life of underprivileged children.

During the second day of conference, we visited some of the centers that is nearby Nagpur. We interacted with the children but I faced bit difficulty understanding their language. Wait! I got translator. It was very nice, listening to the first person’s word translated by second person, in the end got an opportunity to interact with two in one. Ultimate goal of Aristotle’s one-way communication failed its practical application when involved translator in middle. He failed to look into the circumstances when speaker and receiver is not in same length.

I grabbed their attention while they are busy listening to their teacher

In summation, UPAY’s journey when it comes to its establishment it is still young but its success stories are beyond imagination. I am very privileged to worked as an intern with such a wonderful organization.

If you all love teaching, please volunteer to teach budding children and make their life meaningful. For more information about UPAY FOUNDATION please visit…





Thank you!

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UPAY ...An initiative to educate Under Privileged Children from Slums & Footpaths by a group of young Engineers, Doctors , Students and senior citizens

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