UPAY Writing Contest – Runner Up 2

Theme: Role of NGO in education and Betterment of an underprivileged’s life
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Second Runner Up: Kritika Kedia
Before we discuss about the role of NGO in education let’s us first understand what is education and why is it needed.
Education to me is awareness. It is a process through which one knows more about self and everything one see around self. This awareness makes our life easier, faster and better. Thus enhancement and advancement in life happens.
The current system of education was introduced to us by Britishers to produce worker suiting their industries. Unfortunately although the Britishers have left our country but still we are completely using the same education system and thus unconsciously actually till today contributing to the British rule.
The movie(highly recommended to see if not yet watched) in link rightly explains this situation and raised an important question. When I watched this movie almost a year back , the question was alarming to me as I was working in education sector for 2 years then. Coincidentally it’s the same as our current topic ‘role of NGO in education and betterment of an underprivileged’s life’
Saying so I am not trying to negate the hard work done by so many individuals and NGOs. Their intentions are pure and as said in the quote ‘You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a Lifetime’ , they try to uplift a community with their efforts. But the mistake most NGOs and social worker does and fall into the trap is by forgetting the context of education and thus the vision with which most social worker and NGO started the work in first place gets fade in race and pressure to attract funders and sustain in market where education is just seen as how many words one can read/write. Missing the context part that one needs to read/write because it’s a medium to understand self and world better makes the work in educational sector nothing but a mechanical batch production system.
To conclude I would say that the role of NGO in education and betterment of an underprivileged’s life is immense since their reach is deeper inside the community and they are not bonded by school and board (which is a vast system and making a drastic change in a vast network like this may need a long time and efforts). They can in their on way create proof point about the advancement and enhancement of the life of underprivileged’s by providing the contextualized and relevant education in the community they reach and thus question the current existing education system in India.

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