Wriiten by: Deboshree Bhattacharya
“Life is a constant journey of trying to open your eyes. I am just beginning the journey and my eyes aren’t fully open yet”
In the outskirts of Nagpur, she belongs to the family of a farmer having 7 members. She started attending our classes at Reach & Teach Rahadi center in 6th Grade. Sincere in her studies, she always scored good marks. She even got a melodious voice and sings really well. Having secured 1st division in 10th standard, we came to know about her having Nyctalopia, a disorder which makes it impossible for her to see at low light. Alongside initial treatment, she managed to continue her studies and cleared 12th standard with good marks.
After a couple of months, when she was nowhere seen in our campus, one of her teachers enquired about her, only to know that her disability has started to take a toll and unfortunately she had to discontinue her studies. This news sent a wave of shock as she was one of the most passionate and hardworking students of our institution. Not only her physical state, but mental well being was at stake. It became difficult for her to go out of the home, even for small jobs.
After much deliberation, it was known that two of her sisters also have the same problem and had been undergone treatment but of no use! Considering the economic conditions and societal pressures, depression was sure to take over her and her family.
Trying to find a solution to every problem, our helping hands (volunteers) helped her get out of the agony. She was taken to several places over the period of time to get properly treated; best of the doctors, famous hospitals, sophisticated techniques, advanced treatments, from modern medicine to herbal remedies, only to be disappointed.
When nothing worked in favor, They tried to engage her and helped her to join them as a volunteer and Teach the kids and tried hard to convince her to pursue singing, given she had a really beautiful voice.
Daughter of Gitabai and Chandrabhanaji Shebe, Karishma, then a STUDENT, is now our regular TEACHER and teaches English. She is accompanied by her own students from her home to our center. Interestingly, in spite of low-to-no visibility in the evening, she teaches her students efficiently and takes care of each of them. Not only this, thousands of people witnessed her magical performance at our Foundation day celebration along with her troupe and praise poured in for her bravery, confidence, and brilliant vocal quality.
Click to Watch her performance: https://youtu.be/hfVtoAR-Jek
We weren’t matured enough to understand what is correct and what is not. Education was always the last thing on our list. When UPAY came to our village, we slowly opened our minds and started enjoying studies. Now I love learning, but despite having resources and guidance, I couldn’t continue my studies because unlike other girls, I can’t see properly. My teachers from UPAY have helped me a lot to get proper treatment, they took me to several hospitals and doctors but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Nevertheless, I am happy now, being able to do something & contribute with them. They inspire me a lot to pursue singing and take efforts so that I can perform well. They say God gifted me with such a sweet voice, but I say, God, gifted me with Team UPAY. Like them, I wish to teach more students and take UPAY’s glory to the top.” says Karishma, a student-turned teacher, who teaches English at Rahadi village center in Mauda district.
It’s not the blindness within that stops us from growing, but being blind by giving no eye to the problems around you, is what makes you an actual BLIND person!
Therefore, We are trying hard to get Karishma enrolled under a good music trainer and help her take up music as her career.
Can you help Karishma fulfill her dreams? Be her solution, be her guardian. 

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