Success Story of a Super-girl from Mouda

I am born – the child says.

It is a joyous moment, the parents say.

Are you happy – the child asks

The parents reply – you are our star.

The child asks again – are you poor?

The parents look at each other and feel the fear.

They are disheartened and feeling the pain but decided not to give up and work for the gain.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-24 at 7.19.10 AM
Taniya – The Star Child

This is the story of a family living in Wadoda village, Mouda district, Maharashtra.

Amongst all the difficulties, Mr Sandip Gupta is working single handedly to make both ends meet. He runs a kirana shop earning barely Rs 8000/month. He says that he is always motivated due to the consistent support provided by her wife Mrs Sarita Gupta. Despite all the odds, they pledged to educate all their 3 daughters. They did not succumb to the hardships and toiled hard to get the best for their family. They believe that education is the best investment that can be made and would definitely reap results.

This year when the SSC Maharashtra results were declared, their daughter Taniya Gupta passed with flying colours securing 94.6%. This was a moment of immense proud and joy for her parents.

Taniya’s SSC Score Card

Taniya says that she has special love for mathematics and is very keen with solving algebraic problems. When asked about her success, she dedicates the entire success to her hard earning parents and to the UPAY mentors at Wadoda centre. Taniya is associated with UPAY since 7th class. She says that she was always motivated by her mentors at UPAY who were always ready to guide and help her with all the possible resources. She conveys her special regards to the teachers who have whole heartedly worked up for her and her fellow classmates and helped them achieve the dreams they thought of never being a reality as she scored a perfect 99 in Mathematics. With this support, she now aims to dream bigger and has started preparing to get into IIT. She is fully confident that the consistent guidance will help her achieve her goal and will prepare her for greater challenges of life.

Taniya (Second from right) with her Teacher and classmatesMith

Rightly said by someone – “Educate a women socially, you educate an entire generation”. UPAY team would specially thank her mother Mrs Sarita Gupta, who against all the societal pressure, did not give up on her daughter’s education and made her reach the top of the ladder.

In today’s scenario when there are all the talks about “Missing Women” and “Unwanted girl child” as highlighted in the economic survey, examples like above prove to be a motivation which says it all that “where there is a will, there is a way”.

Truly said and felt “Give them roots to grow and wings to fly”. Taniya’s family provided her the firm roots to grow and the UPAY mentors provided her the wings to fly and here is where she stands today- CONFIDENT AND PROUD

– By Mithila Malhotra

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