Anju Mam’s journey at Artemis center – struggle & success of Footpathshala

I joined UPAY last year with a goal to utilize my leisure time in a more productive  manner. I am thrilled to share that today three children were enrolled at a nearby government primary school ,one girl in middle school and hopefully two will start going to the school again after a gap of one year. All thanks to the “Upayians” for encouragement and support. I couldn’t stop myself writing down my journey today, as enrolling these children to the school was the ultimate goal !
What you focus on in your mind will always set the course for your life, whether it is positive or negative, success or failure, victory or defeat. I strongly believe this!!
So, my first day.. wasn’t really as I had pictured for, maybe an enclosed area with broken furnitures and all that. I landed up at a slum, so this is “Artemis Upay Center” and the motto was “Footpathshala”. Came to know through other volunteers that many families have moved away from there, this being a very normal feature. We planned to visit the centre after a week.
Expecting to find some kids in the slum, I visited exactly after ten days. That was the day when actually my journey at Upay started. Had to go to their tents to call them, reminding to wash their hands and feet before coming to the class and all.This going and calling and sometimes convincing parents lasted for a couple of days.Then I think I was a regular feature in their lives! Still remember I managed to gather 10 children on the first day and taught them some alphabet and numbers’ recognition, then ended up playing ringa ringa roses.
We preferred a nearby plot as the number of children increased. By this time the kids also started looking forward for the classes as we were sharing quality time through cultural and sports activities, story time, exchanging our learning with other reputed school going children,(Shalom Hills International School) practical knowledge of how to save our planet, taking care of oneself and also others, sharing stationeries etc.
In conclusion, this was a new learning experience for me, sometimes tough and the other time exciting as well as short this is contentment!!
Now a new chapter I am joining sec57 Center!”
– Anju Pandey ( Centre Head, UPAY)

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UPAY ...An initiative to educate Under Privileged Children from Slums & Footpaths by a group of young Engineers, Doctors , Students and senior citizens

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