UPAY’s 8 years celebration by giving back to Mother Earth


On the 24th of September, UPAY gave back to Mother Earth by conducting a tree plantation drive! Held at our Sohna Road centre, the children were taught about the vitality of trees and how it is essential for the environment that all of them show responsibility towards nature.

It was continued effort of our volunteers that made the drive happen, as we faced many challenges along the way. The primary obstacle was that the area where we planned to plant our saplings was heavily littered. Our volunteers reached out to the locals to ask for aid in cleaning. Though they sympathised with our cause, they did not comply as they wanted financial compensation for their help. So, our dedicated volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got to work themselves- and they managed to clean the whole area in one day!

treeplantation2The next issue was of the area itself; home to many herbivores, the area in which the saplings were to be planted were at risk of being consumed. In order to avoid our saplings being snacked on by various critters, our volunteers researched on the kind of plants that could not be eaten. They spoke to gardeners as well, some of which kindly offered to give saplings to us, free of cost.

So finally, accompanied by our guests- a team from Ramboll technologies- and supervised by our volunteers, all the children planted saplings with great care. We learned that a similar initiative had been taken up by someone else in the area earlier as well. However, they were unable to motivate the children to understand the need for nature. So our volunteers made sure that the children would not only understand the importance of maintaining a green environment, but also be motivated to take care of their saplings. They allotted each sapling to a child and tasked them with caring for it. Every month, the healthiest sapling’s carer would be awarded. With the incentive and the pride of having such an important responsibility, the children confidently promised to protect the saplings they’d planted, and wholly understood the importance of greenery as well!

treeplantation3As some of you may know, UPAY completed eight years on the 19th of September; we decided not to limit the celebrations to our centre in Nagpur, but bring the joy to Gurgaon as well! And what better way to celebrate than helping nature?

It is well known that global warming, deforestation and pollution are extremely pressing issues that require our attention. Therefore it is unfortunate that humans do not do enough to protect nature. It is essential to teach the children about the environment and the problems it is facing. They are growing up in a world where they will have to step up and do their part for the Earth, and it is crucial that they understand the necessity of nature early on, so they can grow up to become environmentally conscious citizens. With our first social service activity, we not only took a small step to helping the environment today, but also enabled the children to continue protecting nature in the future.  We will definitely conduct more such drives in the coming times!

By – Aanavi Sinha

Published by UPAY - उपाय

UPAY ...An initiative to educate Under Privileged Children from Slums & Footpaths by a group of young Engineers, Doctors , Students and senior citizens

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