First ever drawing competition at Sohna Road Center!

Kids getting ready for showing their creativity to win drawing competition 

On the 17th of September, UPAY got creative and held our first ever drawing competition at the Sohna Road centre!

Over 50 students participated in this competition. Our volunteers divided the children into different age groups and handed out papers (and colouring books for the group of children too young to draw) and stationery, and were told that they had one hour to draw something. The only limit? Their own imagination!

One, Two, Three.. Start!!!

The children had been buzzing about the competition since the day before, when our volunteers announced it to them. According to one of our volunteers, Ananya, they were so excited some of them immediately began shouting “Ma’am! I will draw a scenery! Ma’am! I will draw a house!”
Keeping in mind that unlike other events, this was a competition, and only the top three drawings would be awarded a prize, the children worked very hard to create their drawings, and the results did not disappoint. Volunteer Ananya shared, “Some of the works were so neat and beautiful, that we ourselves were surprised to see their talent and creativity.”

Children’s creativity is limitless, and there is no cap on their talent either. The competition helped UPAY focus on the wholistic development of the child beyond their academics. Moreover, the children learned an important life skill as they had to work in a competitive environment. Sometimes we must strive beyond our limits in order to get something we want, and this is exactly the opportunity they received. According to our volunteers, the children had a positive spirit about tier competition. Many of the children who did not receive a prize determinedly said, “Ma’am, I will win next time!” And it is exactly this spirit that UPAY wanted to install in the children; to work hard and not be disheartened by failures, but rather learning from them and doing better next time. Given the positive response of the kids, we can expect to conduct many more such competitions in the future!

By – Aanavi Sinha

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